On a personal note, I have to keep more of a record of what I do each month, since as I am writing this, I am having trouble remembering what I did! I hope that by continuing these kind of posts, it will become easier and I can be accountable to myself and not have to rely on anyone to tell me what to do.

The breakdown…

  Income Earned in Dec 2016 $0

This doesn’t mean that I didn’t receive any money, on the contrary, I was able to withdraw $700 from one of my affiliate accounts. So I’m very happy about that.

Website Progress

As you can see from that report, Google Analytics works!

Sessions 27
pageviews 41
Avg. Session Duration 0:04:01
% New Sessions 18.52%
Users 5
Pages/Sessions 1.52
Bounce Rate 48.15%

The biggest spike is my blog post “November 2016 Income and Progress Report”

I had nothing before that, so I’d say that’s progress. I know I have to start getting more involved in this blog, by actually writing posts. It doesn’t come natural to me, and I’ve worked on my writing skills over the years, but what I have to keep telling myself is that I don’t have to be perfect.

I’m also working on getting this blog finished – it’s going to look so awesome. I have to write up some copy and send it to my designer.

Personal Life Events

My family and I had practiced songs and a Church Christmas skit all throughout December. It was looking good, my kids knew their parts well. On the 24th, I didn’t realize it until a few hours before the Christmas service that my youngest had a fever and was sick! We were all busy cleaning up the house, except for my youngest, and I thought he was being his usual self (not cleaning, playing video games) and he didn’t say a thing. When the cleaning was all done, I noticed and put him to bed. Maybe a few hours in bed would be enough, I thought. But no, so my oldest and I went to the Christmas Service.

I have a recording for a final practice of Joy To The World. I’m going to leave you with our last practice recording, with all the raw blunders. I watch music covers all the time on YouTube, and yes some of them are amazing, but do you realize the work it takes to get everything perfect? So this is my attempt to be different, to still make music even though I am not “a professional”.

Happy New Year!