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How I Overcame my Soda Addiction

I have a confession. I’m addicted to soda. I love the taste, I love how the bubbles pop in my mouth BUT I hate when I stop drinking it. Why?? Because of the caffeine and sugar withdrawals.

I’ve been committed for MONTHS to eating healthier and exercising daily, so soda was the first thing to reduce and eliminate.

For 8 weeks straight, while I was exercising to Piyo, I cut soda out cold turkey, but I did replace with green tea. It really helped with headaches (still got headaches, but not so severe, so that tells you how much I was drinking).

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I also noticed that I was more fatigued at night and I don’t like that feeling, even though I’m sure that it’s normal to be tired at 8pm, considering that I get up at 6:30 every morning.

Since I drink only hot tea, my caffeine intake was reduced considerably because, and I’ll get real here, my caffeine intake was about 114mg (https://www.caffeineinformer.com/caffeine-amounts-in-soda-every-kind-of-cola-you-can-think-of) whereas my green oolong tea could be between 50-75mg. http://www.choiceorganicteas.com/caffeineintea.php

I certainly felt the benefits of not drinking so much soda but I have to admit that I missed my laser focus during the day, which brings me to my main point.

High Octane Tea

Zest Tea has become my new best friend. A couple weeks ago I ordered a sample pack of this new type of tea, that boasts high caffeine levels- higher than a cup of coffee, without a crash or jitters.

Zest Tea comes in four flavours:

Blue lady Black

Cinnamon Apple Black

Earl Grey Black

Pomegranate Mojito Green

After drinking one each day, I have two favorites. Cinnamon Apple and Pomegranate Mojito. I was a bit concerned that the cinnamon tea was going to be similar to that kind of cinnamon candy, you know the ones that are super hot spicy? But no, even steeping the Cinnamon Apple for longer than 5 minutes didn’t give an overwhelming flavour, which I am really happy. I usually just drink my tea with the tea bag inside my cup.

Cinnamon Apple Tea

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So if you are looking for a solution for getting off soda, but want to keep a little jolt during the day, then this tea may be for you.


Go check out the flavours and see for yourself! Use Code SAVE15 to get 15% off your first order!