You’ve heard of the saying right? Make money while you sleep with passive income.

Now, I’m an average Canadian woman. I’m married, have two boys, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a homemaker while my little boys were babies.

The concept of passive income wasn’t known to me, until I went online with my first business idea.

I had grown up learning that to make money, you had to work very hard at a job and then have some higher learning to earn the top positions.

So when I learned that there are soooo many opportunities to earn money online, whether it was passive or not, got me really excited and motivated.

I know that passive income doesn’t mean that there isn’t hard work involved, because lets face it- you can’t get something out of nothing.

But what is awesome is that anybody can do what I am about to show you. Like I said, I’m an average Canadian. But what sets me apart is my drive for a life of freedom. Let’s get to it!


Three weeks ago I introduced Clikker, a website where you can join for free, and where people can find specials and sales offered by merchants in their own town or city. See post Clikker: where local shopping and advertising combine

Let me show you how Clikker can create a passion income stream.

There are 5 ways to earn money on Clikker

  1. Real Results Advertising that works to increase sales for your business
  2. PPC earnings from looking at ads
  3. Commissions from referring others to Clikker
  4. Savings through specials and discounts offered by merchants
  5. Ownership of a city website.

1. Clikker sells advertising on the site, so if you have a local business, whether online or a traditional store, you can advertise your business and get your business in front of people.

2. PPC earnings are based on coupons that you purchase, the “currency” of Clikker.

You can only have 1500 coupons at a time (which makes it fair for everyone).

Each coupon is worth $50 and will earn you %15 of the purchase price. If you buy $50 of coupons, it will pay you $57.50

Earnings are paid daily based on members looking at ads. If you don’t look at ads, then you won’t earn your PPC. If consistently done, maximum earnings will be achieved in 90 days.

3. For every member you sponsor/introduce, you earn lifetime commission on any advertising purchases made.

4. Members of Clikker offer discounts to other Clikker members

5. If you own city website on Clikker, you’ll earn %10 on all advertising sales of that city. If 10 people reach the 1500 level, that could relate to an income of $300,000. Imagine that!

So how do you get started on earning money? There a few different memberships available.

  1. Silver Membership – $75 ARISE SILVER Membership – entitles you to receive the Progressive Rebate and qualify for our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) program, and get 25% off ads
  2. Business Gold – $100 Business Owners Only. They receive the Progressive Rebate, 25% discount on advertising and most importantly, they won’t have to click any ads!
  3. Premium Gold Membership – $100 ARISE Premium Membership- entitles you to receive the Progressive Rebate, qualify for the PPC program, get 25% off ads and earn commissions. Can sell advertising and/or sponsors Arise Memberships. Earn %10 commission on all purchases made by the person or company they sponsored.

Who is Clikker for?

  1. People with businesses, whether online or brick and mortar, can advertise on Clikker. Advertising will bring in more people to your business.
  2. People with no business. Anybody can buy credit coupons to a max of 1500, and enjoy the payouts it will bring.
  3. People who like affiliate sales. You will receive additional payouts for every single person you refer Clikker to.


What’s my personal experience with Clikker?

I got into Clikker at the very beginning, when they first launched in October, so it’s exciting to be part of something new. I’ve already earned more income back than I originally started with, and it’s still growing.

I’ll be writing about the coupons purchased in my monthly income reports, where coupons are purchased with the money earned through PPC (pay per click) and the Progressive Rebate Program.

Earnings can be withdrawn at any time, so you can be sure that the money earned is your money.

If you want to learn more about the Clikker opportunity, I’ll be happy to help! 

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