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With Mothers Day coming in a week, I thought it would be cool to internet shop for myself. I don’t expect much from this holiday, just a card from my kids, perhaps a trinket created at school, but mostly just recognition from my kids that I am their reason for being alive.

I give the same recognition to my mother, and mother in-law, and we usually take mother in-law out for lunch or supper (my mother lives too far away now for a lunch get together).

If you’ve been following me on my youtube channel or facebook page, then you’ll know how committed I’ve been to my fitness routine. I’ve even upped my game by doing a 30-day challenge. Go check out my progress, I’ll wait!

And a by-product of all my progress, is that my current wardrobe isn’t fitting anymore. They are getting too big!!!

I’m really happy with my results, but I need to buy some clothes. It’s really inconvenient to have to keep pulling up my pants while I exercise.

I’ve been eyeing some options, which I am going to show you below!
Cropped Divine DrawstringShira Tank

Twilight Vira CapriAlessa Tank

SG Camo Muscle TankPortland Bridges Legging

So you’ll probably notice that most of legging choices are capris… I am so short that capris fit me like regular pants. I’m 5″ and I’ve had to hem all my pants since adulthood.

Now I just need to figure out what size I need to order, and I’ll update you in a few weeks about which outfits I bought!

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