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Let me get my nerd on.

To get to know me a bit better, I’m letting you know about my obsession with video games. I don’t play as much anymore, but back in the days of not having responsibilities, I played my fair share of games and finished them all.

Now I can share of my obsession with my kids, but that’s getting off topic. This week is all about my wants. My needs.

This momma needs a real wallet.

And what better wallet to get than one with my favorite game insignia on it?? In case you don’t know, these wallets are Zelda-inspired.  (We are currently playing Breath of The Wild and my oldest son just beat Ganon…. I have two Divine Beasts saved…)

The ones I found below are all awesome in it’s own regard, but I do prefer the leather look than a fabric look. I also want to look like a grown up…. if that’s possible now??

Take a look below and let me know which one is your favorite?